Dave Bauer is running in the Division 3 Councillor Rockhampton Regional Council by-election
Dave Bauer is running in the Division 3 Councillor Rockhampton Regional Council by-election

Dave Bauer: The mystery man running for Division 3

Dave Bauer is looking to bring “common sense” to the Rockhampton Regional Council table.

The born and bred Rockhampton man is among the five candidates running for Division 3 Councillor vacancy, left vacant by Tony Williams’ move to mayor.

He grew up in Berserker’s Nobb St and now lives on the riverbank at Reaney St.

One of his ideas is to get the kids off the street and into employment.

“Council has a high employment rate for people in the office and not so many people on the ground,” he said.

“The young ones, kick them into apprenticeships or put them into workshops, get someone coaching them.

“The actual worker on the ground now is nowhere near what we used to have.”

Mr Bauer believes council should be doing more of the major works.

“They outsource and contract it out, they should be able to work it out themselves,” he said.

“They pass the buck and all it does is cost the ratepayers more and more money.

“By passing it out and sending the work to a contractor, that is what council is there for.

“Get our own people working on it.

“If they pass it on to a contractor, it can be people from out of town, we need the work here.”

As for the highly contentious South Rockhampton Flood Levee, Mr Bauer is “deadset against it”.

“Every water has its level, if it doesn’t go to Depot Hill, it’s going to spread to somewhere else,” he said.

“It’s not so much the levy, the cost involved in putting it up and the cost in maintaining the levy is going to be what kills everyone.”

Over his lifetime Mr Bauer has had a varied career of jobs.

He got his first job as an eight-year-old earning one pound a week sitting on the gate at the racecourse, letting the horses in and keeping the cattle out.

His other jobs have included a pie man, jobs at the meatworks, a firemen, cleaner and driver at the railway, a fish shop with his brother and more than 30 years in real estate.

When asked what he will bring to the council table, Mr Bauer answered “common sense”.

“It is lacking common sense this council,” he said.

“I can bring up a common sense approach to what this town needs.

“So many airy fairy ideas that have come out … They waste hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

As for campaigning, Mr Bauer hasn’t gotten out much since he placed his nomination as he is in a wheelchair after breaking his heel and foot.

“I’m sitting in a wheelchair, I haven’t done a great deal except for people that know my name,” he said.

“I’m not saying they love me, a lot of people hate me and I don’t care.

“I’ll be here tomorrow to back up what I say today.”

Pre-polling has begun at the Rockhampton Showgrounds and the election day will be held on Saturday March 13.