Former union boss Dave Hanna has been found guilty of rape. Picture: AAP Image/Dan Peled
Former union boss Dave Hanna has been found guilty of rape. Picture: AAP Image/Dan Peled

Former union boss Hanna found guilty in rape trial

DAVE Hanna has been sentenced to six years in jail for his "merciless" rape of a drunk woman he took advantage of after meeting her at a Brisbane bar.

Judge Julie Dick set Hanna's parole eligibility at February 22, 2022 after he has served three years in jail.

Defence barrister Mark McCarthy said the offending was an "aberration from an otherwise unblemished life" and that the former union boss had faced "extraordinary" scrutiny for his crimes.

"Mr Hanna is a mature man and his fall from grace will be spectacular," he said.

Mr Mccarthy said Hanna's marriage had broken down at the time of the trade union royal commission when his time with the CFMMEU also ended.

He said Hanna had made a "substantial contribution to the welfare of workers and the community" and that he would like to return to contributing to society in a similar way when released from prison

Prosecutor Michael Lehane said Hanna had shown no remorse for his attack on the woman and his denials meant she had been forced to relive the experience under cross examination.

"These crimes have had an enormous impact on its victim," Mr Lehane said.

The court heard the woman suffered anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the attack.

Mr Lehane said Hanna contesting the charges meant graphic videos of the woman being digitally raped and naked photos of her had to be viewed by legal officers and jurors, further adding to her distress.

Judge Dick the victim had been brave and unflinching in her testimony.

"It was a demeaning act of rape particularly the two digital rapes where it was pretty clear there wasn't a response from her," she said.

"I thought your explanation for the video being almost accidental was unconvincing which means that was a deliberate act and the problem with it in any ways is that it has had to be published again to strangers which must have been excruciating for the complainant."

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington welcomed the Court's decision.

"It is good to see that justice has been served," she said. "I feel desperately sorry for his victim."