Dean Cain with Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Dean Cain with Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Supporting Trump can be career kryptonite

DEAN Cain believes actors shouldn't be ostracised by Hollywood for supporting polarising US President Donald Trump.

The Lois and Clark: The New Adventurs of Superman actor - who is in Brisbane for this weekend's Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Expo - is at the centre of political debate since the release of his controversial new film Gosnell, about the trials of an American late-term-abortion doctor.

He was recently filmed confronting actor Tom Arnold at Larry King's studio after Arnold tweeted that he was a "fake Christian coward".

"If any actor has a problem with my political views I will happily discuss it with them… and if they choose not to hire me (because of it) I think they are setting a very dangerous precedent," Cain told Confidential.

"I think people have created that divide (in Hollywood). I don't think it should exist.

"I support the President because I love this country, and if the President is great, then the country is great.

"I discuss policy. I'm not here to discuss the President's morality; I don't think many politicians would pass that test."

Dean Cain in more super times
Dean Cain in more super times

Cain clarified that he was "socially very liberal" and would support legalising abortions up to viability, but "I don't want to encourage that behaviour".

He added that there were plans for international distribution of the film, including to Australia.

"We knew it would get a mixed reaction," he said.

"Abortion is a filthy word to have to say. It's a hard sell.

"But it's not an anti-abortion movie. It's just a true story about Gosnell, who was doing some horrible things."

Dean Cain today
Dean Cain today

Cain is returning to Australia for a second consecutive year to appear at Supanova, revealing his son Christopher was considering attending university Down Under.

"My son was with me last summer. He fell in love with Australia," he said.

"My problem now is that I don't want him to be that far.

"If he decides to go to uni in Australia, I need to start looking for work in Australia."