Volunteer Loz Bately with a kitten saved from death row.
Volunteer Loz Bately with a kitten saved from death row.

Death row animals: Group determined to save CQ lives

"DUE to be euthanised”.

These are the words Rockhampton animals lovers Loz Bately and Brooke Lacey are dedicated to fighting.

Volunteering their "time, blood, sweat and tears”, they coordinate the ethical rescue of animals on death row at Rockhampton pound.

From the time an animal is taken to the pound, Loz said local laws state after three business days an animal can be "destroyed” if it has no microchip or five days if it does.

Animals saved from euthanasia by southern rescues will be showcased at a March 24 Petstock Rockhampton event, which promotes an "adopt - don't shop” approach.

Loz, who said days like this give animals a second chance at life, encourages the public to get involved.

"The southern-based rescues that save from the pound do not have the local backing or manpower to hold an adoption day, but they save so many lives and have many still in local care,” Loz said.

"They [southern-based rescues] rely on the internet to gain adoptions.

"What better way to try and get an adoption for these animals in need than having the people interested in them actually talking to the carer who knows them best and interacting with the animal.”

Loz said the group primarily deal with the Rockhampton pound, but have also taken rescues to find temporary care for animals from the Emerald, Mackay, Livingstone and Biloela pounds.


  • Location: Petstock Rockhampton
  • Date: 24 March 2018
  • Time: 9am-1pm