Decision to scrap Baby Bonus seen as sensible by Yeppoon mum

SCRAPPING the baby bonus is a sensible idea says Yeppoon mum Shannon Thompson.


It was announced in Tuesday's Budget that the baby bonus would be scrapped from next year and replaced with new support for families with newborns through the Family Tax Benefit A.

Shannon has a three-month-old baby and a 7-year-old son.

She received the baby bonus for both children but said it made sense to means test it.

"I think people need to make a choice … if we want the budget to be in surplus, we all have to take cuts and make sacrifices," she said.

The Thompsons used their bonus so Shannon's husband could take a bit of time off work after their first child was born.

"It was a bit of extra unpaid leave so he could enjoy that time as well," she said.

"Everyone needs a hand every now and then.

"Life is expensive but when you make the decision to have children it should be done with the understanding you'll need to make personal sacrifices.

"I don't think the baby bonus should weigh into it.

"Having children isn't about money," she said.