DEEPWATER BLAZE: Where to go, who to contact

THE Gladstone Regional Council is advising residents in the danger area of the Deepwater blaze to evacuate.

A council spokesperson said it recommended residents seek refuge with family/friends outside of the danger area.

However, if this is not an option, the council has set up the Miriam Vale Community Centre at 41 Blomfield Street, Miriam Vale, for refuge.

Pets are allowed if under control, the spokesperson said.

"The SES staff manning the centre will be able to provide support, advice, and care if you have evacuated," the spokesperson said.

"Miriam Vale Showgrounds (off the Bruce Highway) is also open to those with caravans and camper trailers. There is also designated space to house horses."

A team of seven Australian Red Cross emergency services volunteers arrived at the Miriam Vale Community Centre overnight to support and assist people affected by the Deepwater fires.

"Our volunteers are helping at the Miriam Vale recovery centre providing practical assistance and emotional support, as well as going door to door in the community to check people are okay," Collin Sivallingum, Red Cross Emergency Services Manager QLD said.

"People's wellbeing is top of mind for our trained volunteers, who are skilled in providing psychological first aid, in the aftermath of a disaster.

"This is a tough time for all those people affected by the fires. We know from experience that people will feel a range of different emotions as they come to terms with what they're experiencing. 

"They'll be feeling everything from shock, to grief and loss, worry about loved ones and pets, and uncertainty about the future."

People affected by the bushfire in Deepwater are urged to register with the Red Cross service. The service helps to find and reunite loved ones during major emergencies in Australia.

People can register online, by phone or in person at a relief or evacuation centre. Register online at by calling 1800 442 182.

"The simplest way to let your family and friends know you're ok or to find out that your loved ones are safe is to register with the service," Mr Sivallingum said.

"By registering you are letting emergency managers know you are evacuated and if you have given permission, family and friends can be advised you are okay." 

Red Cross has lots of free resources to assist people affected by emergencies available.