Deer makes it a race for a snap

PILBEAM Park is usually home to the Magpies, but the Nerimbera women's football team may have found themselves a new mascot on Friday night when a deer stormed the field, surprising onlookers who tried to catch the beast on camera.

Nerimbera Magpies coach Darren Jeffries said it was a complete surprise to everybody present.

The animal galloped across the park before the women's game.

"It was quite strange. I'd never seen anything like that before. It took us all by surprise," he said.

Mr Jeffries said the deer ran along the field before jumping a fence on the grounds, all before anybody could get a clear photo.

"There were a few of us running after it to try and get a photo but it was just too quick, we couldn't get close enough," he said.

The next evening a club supporter was startled by a deer "with massive antlers" as she drove home along Cooper St with her family.

"It looked really scared," the supporter said.

The deer sightings are a timely occurrence with the council set to discuss the issue at a pest management plan meeting today.

A group of council representatives will meet to discuss the possibility of reducing populations of declared pests, which include rabbits, pigs and several species of deer.

A council spokeswoman said deer were more prevalent at the moment as their breeding season had just come to an end.