Dengue fever numbers in Rockhampton have been confirmed.
Dengue fever numbers in Rockhampton have been confirmed. Portogas-D-Ace

DENGUE UPDATE: Diagnosed numbers change after further tests

THE number of confirmed cased of dengue fever in Rockhampton has been revised from seven down to three with five probable cases.

The update from Central Queensland Public Health Unit comes three weeks after the disease was first confirmed in a Park Avenue resident.

On May 31, six more people were found exhibiting the mild symptoms of the mosquito-borne disease.


Health officials door-knocked to alert residents about dengue fever being diagnosed in their suburb.
Health officials door-knocked to alert residents about dengue fever being diagnosed in their suburb. Vanessa Jarrett

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To be confirmed as a patient infected with dengue fever, national reporting requires two consecutive positive test results 10-14 days apart to be confirmed.

After the second round of tests, half of the previously suspected cases, including an additional find, were found to be inconclusive.

Environment Health Services and Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service manager Mr Paul Florian said the service was continuing to investigate suspected cases and will update the public if any more are confirmed.

More than 580 properties were inspected and sprayed as part of authorities' door to door home checks as part of a partnership between CQ Public Health Unit and council.

Aedes aegypti (dengue-transmitting) mosquitoes were found at 47 of those properties.


Paul Florian - Environmental Health manager / Queensland Health warns people to protect themselves during the post-flood clean-up.
Photo Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin
Paul Florian is encouraging the public to stay up to date with reputable information surrounding Rockhampton's dengue fever finds Sharyn O'Neill ROK310113sflood2

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"Home owners right across Rockhampton can play their part by keeping their yards free of stagnant water to stop mosquitoes from breeding," Mr Florian said.

"Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by using repellents, mosquito coils (in ventilated areas) and plug-in repellent devices.

"Wear long-sleeved clothes and cover your feet.

"Dengue mosquitoes live and breed around domestic premises and bite during the day."

Symptoms can range from mild to sever and include sudden onset of fever, extreme tiredness, intense headache, muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, rash, minor bleeding from the nose or gums and/or heavy menstrual periods.

Anyone exhibiting these symptoms should see their GP or health professional to discuss the need for a dengue fever test.

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