WARNING: Man is warned he underestimates the seriousness of his
WARNING: Man is warned he underestimates the seriousness of his "extreme” attack on his partner. kaspiic

Deportation warning after 'extreme' DV attack

A NEW Zealand-born Cooloola Cove man has been warned of possible deportation if he is jailed for what police described as a domestic violence matter "at the extreme high end."

Gympie Magistrates Court was told the man was upset to find the couple's home untidy when he returned from work.

Police said he grabbed his partner's throat, threw her to the floor and punched her in the mouth on December 15 last year.

When she locked herself in the couple's car to escape him, he punched the windscreen, shattering it with his bare fist, the court was told.

But the man denied some specific allegations. "We had three years of a relationship and two bad days," he said.

"And you think that's good?" Magistrate Chris Callaghan asked the man, who said he was born in New Zealand and had worked and paid taxes in Australia for all his adult life.

"You might find yourself back there," Mr Callaghan said, telling the man his conduct was unacceptable. "You punched a woman in the face," Mr Callaghan said.

"I did not," the man replied.

"None of that happened?" the magistrate asked.

"That's right," the man said.

Mr Callaghan then rejected the man's guilty plea.

"What upsets me is people in positions of power using their power unlawfully against others," Mr Callaghan said.

He adjourned the case to May 22 and said he would then decide if it goes to the District Court.