The federal government addressing a press conference at Beef Australia in Rockhampton.
The federal government addressing a press conference at Beef Australia in Rockhampton.

Deputy PM responds to anti-Beef activists, India travel ban

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has slammed animal rights activists who protested out the front of Rockhampton’s Beef Australia event and placed ads around town condemning the event.

Seven protesters gathered at the gate holding up anti-beef signs on Thursday May 6.

Mr McCormack told a press conference on the same day that the ‘activists’ should visit a friendly pub in Rockhampton and have a steak.

“That’s my reaction to that,” he said.

“I mean, [Beef Week] is creating wealth opportunities for Central and North Queensland.

“This has been such a boom.

“The farmers who produce the cattle, the best cattle in the world... the animal welfare for them is front and centre.

“So, I say to those people, you are activists.

“What do they want to shut down next? They’re always wanting to shut down something.

“They’re just out for that little bit of social media exposure. They haven’t got enough likes on Instagram, haven’t got enough tweets that are trending around Australia.

“Get real. Honestly, get a life.”

When asked about agriculture minister David Littleproud’s ‘spoilt prat’ comments to Michael Slater, Mr McCormack responded saying he grew up with him and thought he was a ‘fine’ cricketer.

“I understand he’s upset, I understand there’s a lot of concern amongst our Indian community,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“But also, the Australian Government also has the right to its Australian citizens, to the broader national interest at large.”

Mr McCormack said he would return to Canberra in the afternoon to talk to the Prime Minister about reviewing the India ban.

He said the decision is based off of the “best medical advice”.