Diamonds captain on Folau controversy

Diamonds captain Caitlin Bassett is focused on not letting the furore surrounding Israel and Maria Folau distract from her side's World Cup preparations. 

Bassett declined to fuel the drama surrounding the New Zealand shooting star who shared on a social channel her husbands plea for the funding of his legal battle against Rugby Australia.

Bassett said Netball Australia had already issued a statement on the situation - which said no action was required by them or Super Netball over the posting - which drew the ire of former Diamond captain Liz Ellis on Twitter.

Bassett said Ellis had the "right to her own opinion" but refused to be drawn on her own.

"We all have individual opinions, we are all individuals, but we are just focused on supporting what Netball Australia has, they are our bosses, we follow their rules," said Bassett at the launch of the new kit the Diamonds will wear at the World Cup in the UK.

"For us it's not our concern at the moment, we are really focusing on this week, we're preparing for a World Cup, and we're controlling the things that we can control."

On Tuesday Netball New Zealand also said in a statement Folau had "not breached NNZ policy".

But it was also reported in New Zealand that NNZ's major sponsor, ANZ, has raised concerns about Folau's support for her husband.

In the UK Bassett and teammates will need to look no further than their playing uniform to be reminded of the struggles, sacrifices and success of every netballer who has stepped out internationally for Australia.

The names of all 176 Diamonds from the past and present are on the striking uniforms the current 12-strong team will wear at the upcoming World Cup.

Bassett said honouring the past and the success of previous Diamond teams is an integral part of the team culture.


Maria Folau in action for New Zealand. Picture: Getty Images
Maria Folau in action for New Zealand. Picture: Getty Images

"They all helped get us to where we are at," said Bassett, who was involved with the design of the green and gold kits.

"Just as the Diamonds players of the past and their achievements inspire this current squad, we hope how we perform at the World Cup inspires young netballers around the country to keep playing, enjoying the game and following their dreams.

"We're certainly going to have feelings of pride and respect each time we take the court. Being selected to play for Australia is something you dream of as a kid and that feeling of putting on the green and gold never gets old."