IN COURT: The Warwick man punched and spat on the police officer while at the scene of a house fire. Picture: file
IN COURT: The Warwick man punched and spat on the police officer while at the scene of a house fire. Picture: file

‘DISGRACEFUL’: Warwick man punches, spits on cop

A WARWICK man has avoided jail time after a spate of abusive public outbursts, including assaulting a police officer at the scene of a raging house fire.

Emergency services were called to a unit fire on Wallace St at about 11.30pm on April 4 last year, where Peter John Harvey was visiting a friend.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard the 47-year-old disregarded warnings and went into the block during the fire, then became belligerent toward police officers telling him to leave.

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa said the Warwick man "made growling noises" and swore at one policeman before spitting at him and punching him in the arm several times.

Sgt de Lissa said Harvey was arrested and taken to the watch-house, where he threw wet toilet paper at security cameras in his cell, even when moved to the 'violent detention' cell.

The Warwick man was also found drunk and carrying 2.5g marijuana on June 26.

Police had been called to Guy St where Harvey was blocking the road and yelling at passers-by.

In another incident, the Warwick man was caught abusing the public at about 3pm on August 13.

Less than two hours later at about 4.30pm on Dragon St, Harvey was found shouting "c--t" at a 19-year-old woman, cars driving past, and police officers upon their arrival.

He also failed to appear in court as directed on October 7.

The self-represented Harvey claimed he was "just talking to himself" at the times he was found shouting obscenities in public.

Acting magistrate Rob Turra denounced the man's conduct as "disgraceful", and warned any similar offending in the future could put him behind bars.

Harvey pleaded guilty to two counts of public nuisance and one count each of serious assault on police, obstructing police, possessing dangerous drugs, and failing to appear.

He was sentenced to nine months' jail, which was wholly suspended for five months.



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