‘Disgusting’: Dad requests nudes from 12-year-old

A TOLGA dad who sought out a 12-year-old on Facebook Messenger and asked her to send him a nude photo for his birthday has avoided spending any time behind bars.

Jamie Robert Lanskey, 31, told the girl he was 21 after he began messaging her in March 2018, just three months after the birth of his first child.

The apprentice electrician then requested lewd pictures, the Cairns District Court heard, then asked her about her sexual experience.

When the girl, who told him she was 13, did not send a picture he queried why he "didn't get my present".

Crown prosecutor Jodie Crane told the court the girl's family found out about the interaction after three days and reported it to police.

She said a police officer then posed as a 14-year-old girl and began conversing with Lanskey online where he asked her if they could engage in "sex chat".

Judge Brian Devereaux described their conversation as "sexual and disgusting" and said Lanskey requested nude pictures again with the undercover officer sending two through.

The court heard one of these depicted a child's body with their underwear partially pulled down and Lanskey made sexually explicit comments after he received it.

Ms Crane said police raided his home in June 2018 and seized various devices.

"It seems when police seized the devices all the conversations had been wiped," she said.

She told the court it took officers almost a year to lay charges as they tried to get information from Facebook as they investigated whether there may have been other victims.

"That didn't come to any fruition she said."

The court heard the two counts of grooming a child under 16 which he was facing would usually involve actual jail time, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Defence solicitor Bebe Mellick argued his client had faced a long delay in legal proceedings, had undergone counselling and rehabilitation, and was likely to face considerable community shame.

He said his client's offending was on the lower end of seriousness for this type of crime.

Judge Devereaux concurred and said he accepted Lanskey was "ashamed and remorseful" for his actions.

He handed him a fully suspended 18-month jail sentence.