The decisions made by some drivers are baffling. GENERIC FILE PHOTO.
The decisions made by some drivers are baffling. GENERIC FILE PHOTO.

Disqualified by court one day, caught driving again the next

Michelle Ann Costello has been banned from driving for two years and she only has herself to blame.

The 46-year-old was originally disqualified from driving for six months in Yeppoon Magistrates Court on April 8.

The very next day she drove, and police caught her.

On April 22 in the same court, Costello pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified by a court order after police nabbed her driving on Yeppoon’s John Street on April 9.

Costello told Magistrate Jason Schubert that she had operated a cleaning business but due to her offending that was now finished.

She received no sympathy from the magistrate.

“You’ve got unlicensed driving offences back, one associated with this offence, you’ve got the 2016, the 2013 unlicensed driving - it seems to me that you just drive whenever you want to drive,” Mr Schubert said.

For her latest offending, Costello was fined $800, disqualified from driving for two years, and got a clear warning from the magistrate.

“What’s caused you to become unemployed is your (driving) history,” Mr Schubert said.

“(In) 2020, six points for going more than 20km over the speed limit.

“(In) 2020, another six points.

“Four points in June 2020 for exceeding speed (limit) over 20kmh.

“Three points in 2019.

“Your driving caused you to become unlicensed - don’t blame others for the circumstances you find yourself in.

“You drive during that two years (disqualification period), you will face the very real prospect of being sent to jail.”


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