Do the right thing by fireys, ScoMo

Dear valued reader. You may be aware of our Fair Go For Our Fireys campaign to push for compensation for volunteer firefighters when they, or a supporting employer, are out of pocket.

We have published a series of articles on the experience of individual volunteer firefighters as they sacrifice income and risk their lives to protect communities.

These stories are building a case for change but we need our politicians to stand up and support the call for a fair go.

I believe Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an error in judgment by going on a Hawaiian family holiday while the bushfire emergency in Australia escalated.

Like it or not, a PM's lot is to be on hand when a national crisis is underway.

While the holiday was a bad look, he can make amends by doing the right thing for more than 100,000 volunteer firefighters who are risking their lives while protecting millions of Australians.

He can take the lead in assisting the states in agreeing on a national method to compensate firefighters (or their employers) for income lost when they down tools to answer the bushfire call out.

STORY: "They're incurring expenses, and have got no way for recompense either. They're the ones swept under the carpet and are forgotten about regularly."

This is a matter where the stupidity of Labor v LNP politics must be put aside by the people we elect to represent the people.

Virtually every politician we have spoken to about this Fair Go For Our Fireys proposal agrees with the idea in principle, but has defaulted to political buck-passing yet again.

Rural firefighter explains the need for more support

This is dumb and is halting good, considered discussion about the best way forward.

While I am often frustrated by Labor and LNP playing politics over who is going to fund our critical projects, there is no dispute here - and it won't break the bank.

Disagreement over who pays for firey help

This is compensation for volunteers, not a move to full-time work. It is a state funding responsibility.

It just requires everyone coming together to support a good and decent cause.

Just do it.

Over to you, Scott Morrison.