Graphic details of Dundas pizza delivery abduction revealed


KIDNAPPERS doused a former Sydney crime figure in petrol, smashed his toes with a hammer and tasered him before he eventually paid them a massive ransom to let him go.

New CCTV video and details of the violent abduction of Vahe Geokjian, known as Wayne, have been obtained by The Daily Telegraph showing him being dragged out of his Dundas home on February 9 after he had been knocked out.

After the ransom was paid, Mr Geokjian - who was convicted and jailed in 2007 for importing cocaine - was dumped naked in Liverpool. He made it to hospital, in critical condition, and has since been released.


This man knocked on the door before others rushed in.
This man knocked on the door before others rushed in.


His wife, who didn't want her first name used, said she was also punched and kicked while the attackers pointed a gun at her children during the abduction.

She can be heard screaming during the ordeal as her teenage daughter rang police.

"They came in knocked me to the ground pointed a gun at my two children and told them to get to their rooms,'' she said yesterday.

"My husband was bashed until unconscious and only gave up because he didn't want my children to get hurt.''

Police released an edited version of the incident captured by their home security earlier this week, but Mrs Geokjian said she wanted the full video made public to show how violent the attackers were and not afraid to hurt women and children.

The burnt-out car police found following the kidnapping.
The burnt-out car police found following the kidnapping.

"My husband was close to death and I don't think he would have lasted another day if the ransom was not paid,'' she said.

Mrs Geokjian said she does not know how they ransom was paid.

"Since he got out of jail he has worked hard to be a legitimate businessman but he was probably a target because he is known to be succesful and loves exotic cars,'' she said.

The video, which shows clearly the face of one of the abductors, is being circulated among underworld circles.

Geokjian, 58, is a property developer and involved in the smash repair business on the north shore.

A stolen BMW X1 2018 model used in the abduction was found burnt out the next day at Beverly Hills.

Underworld sources said there have been a number of kidnappings for ransom over the past two years.

Three weeks ago police arrested two men over the alleged abduction and attempted extortion of $4 million from St Marys panel beating shop owner, Pierre Kassouf, 36 last November. He was found the next day in a shed in a neighbouring suburb in a critical condition.

They believe that may have been linked to an attempt to abduct wealthy Sydney businessman and party boat owner Joe Elias two weeks ago by crashing into his car on Victoria Rd at Drummoyne. He was able to flee before they got him.

Police believe they are unrelated to the Geokjian matter.

Anyone with information about the abductions has been urged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000



The kidnappers posed as pizza delivery drivers.
The kidnappers posed as pizza delivery drivers.