Dodgy doorknockers and traders rampant in Rocky region

INSURANCE Council of Australia has warned of an influx of dodgy door knockers following last month’s hailstorm in the Rockhampton region.

The Council has warned residents who sustained damage to be wary of these claim advisers and tradespeople, stating the outcome of their services is not always positive.

“The use of a claims advisor should be considered carefully and with full transparency, the same for any service or tradesperson,” an ICA spokesperson said.

“Before engaging a claim advisor, the customer should ensure they understand the adviser’s fee structure and any commissions, in particular how this may influence the advice and services they provide, including the time taken to resolve a claim.”

ICA stresses the importance of ensuring such workers have appropriate professional indemnity insurance and hold the necessary building licences.

This warning has been echoed by the Office of Fair Trading, who have observed a substantial increase in the amount of ‘bitumen bandits’ in Central Queensland since isolation measures commenced in March.

Executive director Brian Bauer defines ‘bitumen bandits’ as bogus tradespeople who rip off unsuspecting and vulnerable consumers by peddling bitumen laying services for a supposed “substantial discount”.

Other common door-to-door scams include offers for tree lopping and stump removal, roof cleaning, repairs and painting, and white van traders who sell electronic equipment like stereos from their vehicles which are later discovered to be “knock offs”.