Dog squad finds man in cockpit after breaking into airport

A MAN was found hiding in the cockpit of a light plane by police dogs after he broke into a Coast aeroplane hangar.

Last Sunday, the man got airside for the first time between 7.30-8pm, by jumping onto the roof of the Sunshine Coast Aero Club and scaling a barbed wire fence to access restricted areas of the airport.

Chief flying instructor Tom Petersen said a makeshift set of stairs had been dragged to the front of the building and a "random key" had been forced into the ignition barrel of one of the planes.

The man was then told to leave by security, but he returned about 9.15pm, forced open a window and jumped into a hangar where he was eventually found by the dog squad.

Police confirmed the incident, but were unaware of a key being forced into a plane, rather that the man was first challenged by baggage handlers after approaching a Jetstar plane which alerted security.

He has been charged with enter premises and trespass, but is currently being looked after in a mental health unit.