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Donny and Marie bought every Star Wars seat in the cinema

DONNY and Marie Osmond have hired out a cinema to screen 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

The siblings have gone all out to ensure their viewing of the newest film in the series is as impressive as possible by exclusively renting a movie theatre in Gainesville, Texas.

Donny told People magazine: "So I had this idea last week. Marie and I are on our Christmas and we have a day off between traveling from Tulsa to Gainesville, so I thought what are the chances that we could get some private theater owner to let us do a screening?"

The 58-year-old singer then had another idea, and decided to launch a campaign to give away tickets to the screening on Twitter.

He continued: "I thought let's do a social media campaign because so many people want tickets and they can't get them."

Donny and Marie have long been fans of the sci-fi franchise, as the characters from the original 1977 movie made their television premiere on the Osmonds' show 'Donny and Marie'.

Marie explained of the concept: "We were there in the beginning! Who knew that it would me so incredibly huge?"

And while Donny and Marie had fun shooting the scenes, he admits he had no idea just how iconic the film would become.

He concluded: "Little did I know, these characters that I'm singing and dancing next to were going to change the world."