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Don't miss a mark with our in-depth school results coverage

Dear subscriber,

You have probably noticed a stack of education coverage on our website this week as the annual release of school OP scores were picked over by our reporting teams.

Readership has been through the roof - and in line with previous years, we have had our biggest annual surge of new subscribers to this material.

Whether it's families wanting to know how their children's school is faring; people in the education sector keeping up to date; or just interested former students checking in on their alma mater, we have a fascination with what is going on behind the school gate.

All the readership data confirms this. It's why we are doubling down on coverage in this sector. You'll get similar when the Naplan results are out later in the year; we've gone back to grassroots coverage of school sports and will have a reporter at the major inter-school carnivals across athletics, swimming and the like.

Much of our 2019 content calendar will be around providing information we think all parents need to know: What is the new ATAR qualification? Which are our best rated primary schools? And how do we package up information about waiting lists and school costs to help you make a decision on where to send your child? Look out for that in coming months.

Clearly the OP scores resonate with readers. It's why we make sure the hundreds of Queensland schools are on our ranking list (read more here); why so many schools are proud of the advances they've made with their numbers over time (read more here); and why we've sent reporters to understand what drives the highest achieving students (read more here).

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