Drink driver, 20, hit the road after six beers at CQ pub

A 20-YEAR-OLD driver got behind the wheel after consuming six beers at an Emerald pub.

Travis Paul Leach pleaded guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court on September 21 to driving while over the middle alcohol limit but not over the high limit.

Leach made the “bad judgment call” in the early hours on August 14, after drinking five Great Northerns and a Canadian Club at the Maraboon Tavern, the court heard.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Paul Cramp said Leach was intercepted by police about 1am on Anakie St where he returned a positive BAC reading of .103 per cent.

He was issued with an immediate suspension.

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“I just misjudged how intoxicated I actually was,” Leach said.

He was fined $650 and disqualified from driving for four months. The conviction was recorded.