5 tips to avoid a horror Easter

YOUR SAY: Did you know that driving tired is like driving with an alcohol limit over .05?

As road safety advocates Maurice Blackburn are urging motorists to keep this in mind before heading off on holidays this Easter. We often see cases where fatigued and distracted drivers cause a lifetime of pain and suffering, not only for themselves and loved ones who have to provide ongoing care but also for others on the road.

Sadly, the 2015 Easter road toll saw eight families affected by road fatalities - the worst in Queensland history since records began 25 years ago, and more than double the number of road-related deaths than in any other state.

Unacceptable figures like these show we all have a responsibility to ensure we don't see a repeat of last year's horror road toll.

As Queenslanders we are fortunate to have a strong and effective CTP scheme that helps to assist people and their families if someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, but preventing those accidents in the first place is far more important.

To help avoid having an accident this Easter I advise adopting our top five tips:

Don't drive if under the influence of any substance that may inhibit your ability to safely operate a car

Ensure car, tyres and trailers are serviced and are safe to drive prior to travel

Take a rest stop every two hours

Put the mobile in the glove box and designate times to check mobile phones when you are not driving

Obey speed limits and safe driving practices at all times

With 45 fatalities across Queensland this year alone I urge everyone to drive responsibly this Easter so everyone can arrive at their destination alive! You wouldn't drive drunk so don't drive tired.

Bianca O'Neill, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers