Driver does a runner after slamming into power pole in Rocky

UPDATE: Police have released some more information regarding the abandoned crash scene in Berserker last night. 

A QPS spokeswoman confirmed police have been trying to contact the registered owner and the car did not appear to be listed as stolen. 

The car involved in the incident was an orange 2015 Hyundai Accent.  

Police are continuing to investigate the crash. 

INITIAL: Police attended a crash scene last night to find an empty vehicle smashed up with a power pole on Burnett St in Berserker.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said they were called to a non-injury scene and no occupants were on site when they arrived.

It is unclear at this stage if the car was stolen but police will be investigating today.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said a crew arrived on scene to secure the area at 9.15pm.

She said the power pole was not on the ground but was only being held up by tension wires.

Ergon Energy called to the scene to assist.

Some residents in nearby areas took to social media stating a loud bang was heard around that time, quickly followed by a flurry of lights and sirens.

Somone who appeared to be privy to the incident also posted that two people fled the scene.

More to come.