Home made drugs sent man blind

TOXIC home-made drugs were so powerful they sent Brett Andrew Corbett blind for three days.

Not even going blind after taking a drug concoction, where a house was badly damaged in its production, ended Corbett’s drug addiction.

Corbett on Tuesday pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton to the unlawful possession of methamphetamines and cannabis on two separate occasions in 2009.

The court heard the 39-year-old was charged for the possession of nearly 33 grams of pure methamphetamines worth around $40,000.

On the night of October 9 police raided the Glenlee property on the outskirts of Rockhampton where Corbett was living in a shed. As police approached, Corbett ran.

A search of the location he fled revealed a black bag with a sum of money and pure methamphetamines.

Crown Prosecutor David Morters said Corbett denied knowledge of the drugs at first before cooperating with police.

“He said he got the drugs from an unknown male from the Glenmore Motel,” Mr Morters said.

Corbett told police the drugs were for personal use and the money was his savings.

A cutting agent was also discovered along with more drugs including cannabis and a mobile phone with drug-related messages.

More than $12,000 was located in and around the shed before Corbett was arrested.

Defence solicitor Doug Winning said his client had a drug addiction from a young age and moved to Glenlee where he was involved in drug use with a man who owned and lived at the property.

The court heard that during an inexperienced drug making session before the police raid, the home was damaged and as a result of trying the drugs, Corbett went blind for three days.

The second offence took place at the same property in December 2009 while Corbett was on bail.

Corbett was the passenger in a white van police searched and located a black bag with more than $3000 in cash, methamphetamines, cannabis and two mobile phones.

Justice Duncan McMeekin sentenced Corbett to five years’ jail with a parol eligibility date of September 8, 2012.