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Drunk tried to break into police car while police were in it

A man tried to break in to a police car, while officers were seated in the car, and then wanted to fight the officers.

Keith John Matheson, 30, pleaded guilty on April 22 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of attempt to break into a premises, contravene requirement to state name and address and two counts of assault a police officer.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Darrell Dalton said police were patrolling Breakspear St, Gracemere, at 3.37am on May 17 last year, looking for juveniles.

He said at 4am, they noticed Matheson in the front yard of a house.

Sergeant Dalton said police pulled up in Breakspear St and watched Matheson approach the police vehicle from behind, with his fists clenched.

He said Matheson attempted to open the passenger side door and told police to get out of the vehicle.

Sergeant Dalton said Matheson carried out striking motions and called police out for a fight.

He said Matheson swore at police and made a further attempt to open the police car door.

Sergeant Dalton said Matheson then began walking down Breakspear St and police exited the vehicle, intercepting Matheson on foot. They gave Matheson a requirement to state his full name and address, which he refused and told police to “f--- off”.

He said police attempted to restrain Matheson who then tensed his arms, making it difficult for the officer to apply handcuffs.

Sergeant Dalton said as the police officers tried to put Matheson in the pod of the police vehicle, he kicked back and hit an officer in the stomach.

He said Matheson then kicked out at the other officer, hitting them in their inner right thigh.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Matheson doesn’t recall the incident.

He said the defendant had been on antidepressants most of his life but had taken himself off them at the time of the incident.

Mr McGowran said Matheson had broken up with his girlfriend and drank a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon.

He said Matheson had now rekindled his relationship with his girlfriend who was in court in support.

Mr McGowran said Matheson’s girlfriend claimed Matheson had “pretty much” given up alcohol because every time he drinks, he got into trouble.

Matheson had a three-page criminal record filled mostly with public nuisance and other offences due to alcohol.

Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale warned Matheson he could seriously hurt someone lashing out the way he did towards the police officers.

She ordered him to pay a $250 fine on top of a two-month prison term, wholly suspended and operational for 12 months.

Convictions were recorded.