Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence
Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence

DV offender hits woman with bag full of beer cans

A MAN with 16 convictions for breaching domestic violence orders managed to go eight years without being violent towards anyone - but that all ended in April.

The 41-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty on November 5 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to five charges including common assault, breaching domestic violence orders and possessing a dangerous drug.

Police prosecutor Jess King said the defendant had a nine-page criminal record which contained 16 domestic violence order breaches, two assault occasioning bodily harm convictions and one common assault conviction.

She said the last violence offence in his history was from July 2012.

Ms King said the defendant’s latest series of offences started on April 23 when he pulled the victim’s hair.

She said police were called to a shopping centre in Gracemere for a disturbance where the victim told police the defendant had pulled her hair while she was driving and smashed her windscreen when she drove away.

Ms King said when police went to speak with the defendant, he was intoxicated and dropped a clip-seal bag which contained six grams of marijuana.

She said a month later, the defendant again breached the domestic violence order.

Ms King said police were called to a disturbance at another Central Queensland location where the victim told police the defendant had pushed her against a lounge which caused her to fall and hurt her leg.

She said the victim wasn’t injured and he refused to talk to police.

Ms King said the next incident took place another month later when the victim tried to stop the defendant from drinking the alcohol which she had purchased.

She said the defendant verbally abused the victim and threw the alcohol on the ground, smashing it, made threats to kill her and approached her with clenched fists.

Ms King said the defendant pushed the victim backwards, she fell on to the lounge where the defendant struck her head, neck and shoulder area with a bag he had filled with beer cans.

She said he then threw a plate at the victim, which missed her.

Ms King said the defendant then punched himself in the face repeatedly and threatened to harm himself.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said her client and his defacto partner told her they agree alcohol was not good for either of them.

She said her client’s family came to court to support him, but waited outside the courtroom.

Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale ordered the man to 15 months prison with immediate parole plus a six-month prison term wholly suspended and operational for two years.

He was also fined $600 for the marijuana.