Flights were diverted to Rocky after earthquake off coast

7pm: Flights to and from Cairns and Mackay were diverted to Rockhampton, Townsville and Brisbane for awhile after today's earthquake.

The flights have now resumed following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake off the north Queensland coast.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said that safety assessments have been carried out to ensure that no structural damage was caused to the Airservices air traffic control towers at Cairns and Mackay Airports.

Staff were evacuated from towers at both airports following the earthquake.

"The safety of passengers and staff is always paramount," Mr Chester said.

"These safety precautions meant that five aircraft were diverted to alternate destinations including Townsville, Brisbane and Rockhampton.

"I have now been advised that Airservices staff have resumed operations in air traffic control towers. Flight delays are still expected however airport operators and airlines are working to resume normal flight services as soon as possible."

5.25pm: REPORTS of damage caused by an earthquake of the coast of Queensland this afternoon are coming through.

Tracy Bidgood posted on The Bulletin Facebook page: "I live in Norman Gardens Nth Rockhampton and my statue sure felt it ...  full concrete fell over and snapped in half."

Tracy Bidgood - I live in Norman Gardens Nth Rockhampton and my statue sure felt it ?? full concrete fell over and snapped in half
Tracy Bidgood - I live in Norman Gardens Nth Rockhampton and my statue sure felt it ?? full concrete fell over and snapped in half

Meanwhile, Caitie McFarlane posted this on Twitter:

Caitie McFarlane posted on Twitter: 5.8 magnitude is not a bad effort for my first earthquake #NqEarthquake2016 #WeWillRebuild
Caitie McFarlane posted on Twitter: 5.8 magnitude is not a bad effort for my first earthquake #NqEarthquake2016 #WeWillRebuild Kerri-Anne Mesner

2.40pm: REPORTS of tremors from an earthquake off the Queensland coast at 2.30pm today have been felt in Rockhampton.

The earthquake tremors were felt at Callaghan Park and the Rockhampton CBD.

Facebook is lighting up with reports.

The 5.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Airline Beach.

Readers have reported feeling tremors as far west as Moranbah, Baralaba and Emerald this afternoon>>> Readers stories

Check out what people are posting on Facebook and Twitter here: Facebook  stories and Twitter posts

3pm: A worker in the Rockhampton Ergon Energy building in the CBD said they were on the phone to a customer in Townsville when the earthquake hit.

" I work in the Ergon building in Rockhampton and was speaking to a customer in Townsville who felt it and was a little panicked," Christopher Hunt posted on The Bulletin Facebook post about the tremors.

" After attempting to console her to get off the phone to potentially go to safety I started feeling it here within 3mins of her mentioning it.

"Their building alarms went off and had to end the call.

"We were all a little rocked by it but we worked on."

A bulletin issued by the Bureau of Meteorology at 2.41pm says there is no tsunami threat to anywhere in Australia after the earthquake.

Twitter posts


Readers stories

Xander James This one seemed longer but milder shaking than the one on the 14th. I felt both. Seems a lot more people felt this one though! I guess since the other one was at 1.30am most people would have been asleep. Haha :)

Mich Elle Laying in bed watching a movie and the bed started shaking ...i thought someone was running through the house..later to find out it was a tremers for an earthquake. Started to think i had ghosts in the house

Vicki Barry Felt in Cardwell. Gentle rocking of the building I was in.

Gabby Kate Felt it at Pink Lily! Slept through the last 2 so pretty stoked i felt this one 😂

Venessa Hannah Felt it in Townsville shook whole building

Rhonda Graham We are in rockhampton and my son and I both felt the house shake twice

Cherie Dooley Missed it in parkhurst lol - well I didn't feel it anyway ??

Natalie Shae Felt it in berserker

Tina Pershouse Felt it . I live near supper cheap

Therese Sloane Williams I felt it in the office. I thought it was just me.

Shirley Allen Felt it at wandal live near river.

Roslyn Morgan I live near Super cheap and I felt the house swaying a bit and cupboards rattling. Thought someone heavy was coming up our stairs!

Ros Lacey McClintock Yep felt it in Park Avenue.

Mel Hausheer Didn't feel a thing out at Parkhurst

Rachel Hayley Hoyes Didn't feel anything live in Yeppoon near kfc

Melinda Highton Didn't feel it. What time did it happen?

Rebecca Munro Berserker, felt it alright !

Kelly Kane I didn't feel a thing at work in Bolsover st 😳

Terry Grant Felt it near the airport

Sharon Toon Yes where I work😬

Kayla Johnson Didn't well anything and live in berserker area

Cerae Pollitt Didn't feel it in Yeppoon :(

Lara Carter No what time

KC Hall felt it north rocky that's what it was lol

Sam Pegg Didn't feel it in Berserker.

Kellie Roberts Yes Emu Park

Jono Wood Felt in Moranbah

Tamsin N Bryan Mcbeth-Wells Felt it in Emerald wowsers

Peter Watkins Felt @ Nerimbera ,,

Tanya Major Felt at Baralaba

Kristy Anderson Didn't feel anything


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