The sign has been photoshopped to read: ‘Look out for the tram-pedo.’
The sign has been photoshopped to read: ‘Look out for the tram-pedo.’

Drama over photoshopped sign prank

EDINBURGH'S public transport department was only trying to do what many well-intentioned bureaucrats around the world have also attempted - to create a catchy public safety campaign.

"Stop. Look. Listen. Look out for the tram-pede," reads the bad pun on signs posted at tram stops around the Scottish capital this month.

"1 x Edinburgh tram equals the weight of nine African elephants," the sign reads, encouraging pedestrians to take care around fast-moving trams.

But now in a plot twist that wouldn't be out of place in an episode of the ABC comedy Utopia, the slogan has been photoshopped online by an anonymous prankster.

The new sign reads: "Look out for the tram-pedo."

"I wish this was real, but it's a photoshop, I just changed the last 'e' into an 'o', it was the first thing I thought of when I saw it," the photo manipulator admitted online.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Trams was forced to clarify the confusion, confirming the images circulating online were fake.

"Although it's disappointing to see the artwork has been photoshopped by some social media users, we're happy that the campaign is still a talking point," the spokesman told the Edinburgh News.


He wanted to reassure locals that the fake slogan was not actually written on any signs in real life.