The Fraser Coast economy would not survive a second wave lockdown.
The Fraser Coast economy would not survive a second wave lockdown.

EDITORIAL: Dear Premier, don’t delay the…probable

'DELAYING the inevitable.'

If only we all had a dollar for every time we'd heard that line in the last little while.

We'd all be rich enough to join the celebs currently riding out this pandemic in their mansions and telling everyone else not to be selfish.

The truth is no-one actually has a crystal ball and many a decision on coronavirus is not about inevitability but probability.

That's what makes the call for premiers so hard (particularly when a large number of us, including this editor, were utterly unconvinced the first time around amid the seemingly unnecessary delay in letting southerners back in but have now changed our tune).

Surely however, the odds won't be in our favour until our leaders place their border bet and run with it. 

However, if the consequence of a rise in COVID-19 cases in Queensland is going to be a border closure anyway and any sign of following in Victoria's footsteps means closing this state for business again then why would we only stop people from hot spots coming here?

Why would we warn them we were going to and give them three days to all rush north in even greater numbers than normal, presumably increasing the likelihood of someone who is sick being in the mix?

The one thing we can be sure of is that the Fraser Coast, like most of regional Queensland, cannot survive a second wave and subsequent lockdown.

Our elderly and vulnerable loved ones can't afford to get sick, our already stretched emergency department can't deal with an influx of patients.

Round two would kill Coast business in a region which already had some of the most unenviable unemployment rates pre-COVID-19 and recently went in to double figures while much of the country was still reeling over the slide into the kind of numbers we were seeing in the 'good times.'

Wanting to protect the region from that threat is not 'sheep' like nor does it play into panic.

Sensible people shudder at the bizarre, doomsday reactions we're seeing all over Australia, the loo paper stockpiling and the glaring at people like they are the grim reaper when they clear their throats.

But when we are trapped in a cycle where so many continue to lie or ignore the rules, we are giving the cloak and scythe a clear path to our front door.

The only way to stop the knocking is to slam it shut.