A SON of convicted murderer John Edwards said he would be happy to see his father die in jail for the murder of his mother.

The Supreme Court yesterday sentenced father of three Edwards, 63, to 24 years in jail with 18 years non-parole, for the murder of his wife Sharon in 2015.

Outside Coffs Harbour Court Josh Edwards said he disowned Edwards as a father and predicted he would probably die in jail.

"When the verdict came in I was happy with the result but upset and sad, but now I'm actually happy it feels real now that I know he's probably not going to walk outside again," Mr Edwards said.

He no longer viewed Edwards as his father, after never referring to him as "dad" during the murder investigation.

"He forfeited that when he did what he did. I don't consider him my father anymore," Mr Edwards said.

He said the hardest thing for the family was not knowing where their mum was and preparing for another Christmas without her.

"The judge gave him an opportunity to do that and the possibility it might affect his sentencing and he didn't," he said. "I hope he will, but I don't believe he will."

"It's Christmas time again and it's another Christmas without her. We don't know what happened. That's the hardest thing."

He was happy with the result and the message is sent about domestic violence.

"It sends a strong message," he said. "Mum was a victim of domestic violence and nobody deserves what happened to her. No-one deserves that.

"She was a great person and she should be here with us."

Mr Edwards heaped praise on the police who handled the four-year investigation.

"There were times when we thought we weren't going to get a result," he said.

"But my hat's off to them. All the police at Grafton Police Station and particularly the officer in charge, Doug Scott.

"He was a great guy and we believed in him and we got the result. We haven't found mum obviously, but yeah.

"Like I said in the victim impact statement, she was the best mum someone could ask for.

"She didn't deserve what happened to her, she should be here with us for Christmas."