Prepolling has been held at the Rockhampton Showgrounds for the Division 3 election.
Prepolling has been held at the Rockhampton Showgrounds for the Division 3 election.

Election day: 5000 Division 3 residents to vote Saturday

Election day for Division 3 of the Rockhampton Regional Council will be held on Saturday March 13, with booths open from 8am to 7pm.

Around 2,000 registered voters of the division have already voted early, with 5,000 to vote on the day.

“Early voting is growing trend nationally with concerns over COVID-19 in the past year amplifying this already popular choice for electors,” Electoral Commission of Queensland commissioner Pat Vidgen said.

“Those roughly 5,000 electors who haven’t applied for a postal vote or who aren’t voting early, need to cast their vote tomorrow at either the Berserker Street State School or Lakes Creek State School.”

Mr Vidgen said electors should take their Voter Information Card with them if possible.

“All 7,600 Division 3 electors have been mailed a Voter Information Card or VIC, and around 2,600 electors who have provided their email address on the electoral roll, also received it electronically,” he said.

“The VIC shows electors’ voting options, includes an elector QR code that can be scanned at the polling booth to streamline voter mark-off, and acts as a handy reminder that voting is compulsory in the by-election.”

Mr Vidgen said the voting system for the Division 3 by-election was the same as the recent mayoral by-election: optional preferential voting or OPV.

“OPV means electors can choose to number one, some, or all the boxes on their ballot paper in their order of preference to make their vote count,” he said.

Mr Vidgen said postal voters must vote before 6pm on election day and should return their ballot materials as soon as possible.

“Rockhampton electors have had lots of election experience in the past year or so and they have been very prompt in returning their postal votes,” he said.

“This is very helpful when the count begins because most of the postal votes already on hand, and this can streamline the counting and declaration process.

“The deadline for the return of postal votes is Tuesday 23 March.”

Mr Vidgen said voting in person for the Rockhampton Regional Council Division 3 by-election included COVID-safe measures: stay 1.5m apart, use hand sanitiser, and take your own pen or pencil with you if you wish.


Who: For Division 3 residents only

When: Saturday March 13, from 8am to 7pm

Where: Booths at Lakes Creek State School and Berserker Street State School

Five candidates: Deanna Beatson, Grant Mathers, Leyland Barnett, Christian Shepherd and Dave Bauer.