Brandon Te Hiko held a clinic in Rocky on the weekend.
Brandon Te Hiko held a clinic in Rocky on the weekend. Roz Finnegan

Elite Men's BMX number one hosts coaching clinic in Rocky

BMX: Australia's number one Elite Men's title holder, Brandon Te Hiko, took 58 riders from Rockhampton, Moranbah, Emerald, Biloela and Gladstone through a two-day coaching clinic over the weekend.

"It went really well and I have had great feedback,” he said of the six sessions a day program.

"It was a good learning curve. Next time we will know all the obstacles we have to work on.

"I think [CQ riders] are at that level with metropolitan areas. It's a pretty isolated area compared to the Gold Coast but I definitely think that if they keep working on those little things they've been trying to improve, by the time they go to state and national levels, they will be right up there.”

Te Hiko designed the program around skills he deemed appropriate for the riders' experience levels.

"Since this club is very sprocket heavy and a lot of riders are of a younger age, I thought it would be better to work on skills so when they come to the track they can be more creative and work on more things so that they can better themselves,” he said.

"There are a lot of kids within this club that have potential.

"It just depends which kid or person is willing to push through the most and really listen to what's being said.”

Te Hiko said even at his level, he still learns new things from others' perspectives.

"At times you find you're really stuck and when a coach comes along that can really help you,” he said.

"They see things from a different perspective on what needs to be worked on.

"[Coming here] was a great opportunity. I love coaching and helping the kids and love any opportunity to come out and get amongst it with all ages of riders.”

Rocky BMX coach Roz Finnegan said the visit was incredible for the enthusiastic club.

"The excitement from all levels of the club was infectious. On racing night [with 74 riders] he rode with the little Mini Wheelers and high-fived all the sprocket level riders at the end of their races to demonstrate good sportsmanship,” she said.

"He joined in on a few races at different levels over the night but nothing beat the invitational open race which included a few of our older riders.

"The crowd cheered them on and watched the awesome jumps they showed the younger kids.

"Brandon was kind enough to lend one of our riders his bike for some races so he could experience being on a bike of that size.”

Children learnt to jump and manual for the first time. Adults also learnt a thing or two and Te Hiko took time to challenge them to jumps and manualling on the track. Te Hiko will return for a clinic on March 15-17.