Everybody appearing at Rockhampton Magistrates Court, Tuesday, May 4
Everybody appearing at Rockhampton Magistrates Court, Tuesday, May 4

FULL LIST: Rockhampton Magistrates Court appearances today

Here is a list of everyone appearing in Magistrates Court today:

Today's court listings are published as part of News Corporation's commitment to public interest journalism and are compiled from information made publicly available by the courts in each State and territory.

The list is a public record of people appearing before the relevant court and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any wrongdoing by anyone named in these lists.

Lester Roderick Malone

Brendan Jeffrey Moisy

Michelle Lisa Hardwick

Fenella Ann-Louise Solomon

Scott William Weeding

Hayden Joseph Clarke

Andrew Robert Leach

Julian John Lee-Hong

Kadesha Nicole Beckett

Emma Jean Cranston

Harriet-Deanna Maxine Illin

Billy Chad Goullet

Caleb Peter Moloney

Daniel Gregory Borresen

Paul James Miller

Jacob Mcgregor Lance Dwyer

Brock Leon Lewis

Dallas Horrigan

Benjamin Peter Anderson

Darryn Lee Baker

Ross Andrew Parsons

Peter Damien Johnson

Cameron Anthony Smith

Waynette Jara Twaddle

Frederick Thomas John Heumiller

Stanton John George Hazel

Dorothy May Albury

Mallory Jane Jones

Christopher Lee Donnollan

Robert Bruce Donney

Leti Junior Richard Tuivasa

Tayne Ashley Mackie

Shakira Nariese Morrison

Andrew Wosomo

Bianca Cheryl Joanne Conlon

Scott Hodgetts

Reece Angus Jacobi

Michael John Nieuwenhuize

Brett Joesph Barkle

Gregory James Rich

Rayleen Kellee Hixon

Joshua James Wanstall

Eaydn Riva Rogan

Christopher Mackie

George William Whiley

Clinton Russell Mcintosh

Daniel Arthur Bimrose

Archie Oakley

Ezekial Dion Darkin

Renton Rhye Doyle

Jason Andrew Mcconnell

Robert Noel Jenkins

Scott Alan Roberts

Guy Raymond Steele

Matthew Joel Kinjun

Naomi Sophia Philipp

Jacob Cody Bunn

David William Bailey

Luke Jacob Richardson

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