Meth addict stole a set of Beats headphones similar to these
Meth addict stole a set of Beats headphones similar to these

'F-- you. You have money. This is how I make money'

HE ONLY wanted to steal expensive headphones to trade for drugs, but ended up pulling a knife out on a staff member and charged with armed robbery.

Paul Andrew Hill, 28, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court on October 10 to one armed robbery charge, five stealing charges, two enter premise charges and one attempted stealing.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said Hill's criminal history was five pages long, included five separate occasions he spent in prison for offending and 51 offences of a like nature.

On this occasion, Hill armed himself with tin snips and entered the JB HiFi store at Stockland Rockhampton on March 18 and walked straight up to the headphone section of the store, grabbed a Beats headphone set worth $500, snipped the chain and walked out with the headphones.

Ms Lawrence said a store employee followed him and corner him and said "put the goods down, mate. It's not worth it. You've been caught."

"F-- you. You have money. This is how I make money," Hill responded.

Ms Lawrence said Hill then pulled a knife out of his pocket and threatened to hurt the store employee.

"It's not f---ing worth it. I've got a knife. I'll stab you with it, c--," Hill said.

The court heard Hill returned to Stockland the next day, was spotted by security at Kmart, police were called and he was arrested after a chase.

When police searched him, they located a 9cm long bladed knife, a can of tuna, sunglasses, cans of deodorant, watches, a shirt and a hat stolen from various stores at Stockland.

"He has a clear disregard of the property of others," Ms Lawrence said.

Hill was on bail for stealing and other charges when he committed the armed robbery.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said Hill had struggled with a meth addiction for five years as he blamed himself for his sister's death.

"On the day of the robbery, he was coming down off ice," he said.

Hill was ordered to a two year and seven months prison term, with immediate release on parole after 205 presentence custody was declared.

"He and his partner had an argument over his use of ice.... she doesn't approve."