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Facebook bungles science project launch

The Capricorn Conservation Council is the latest victim of Facebook’s ban on an enormous range of social media sites.

The Morning Bulletin reported on Thursday the Rescue Helicopter Service missed out on celebrating its 25th anniversary with the public.

The CCC’s coordinator, Coral Rowston, said the seemingly arbitrary bans was “awful” news for her organisation too.

“We were going to launch our Fungi Blitz citizen science project this week,” she said.

“It’s an opportunity for people to get out and about, learning how to identify fungi in the field and via DNA technology.”

Results will be logged on a shared database.

There is no deadline for expressions of interest for people who want to become part of the Fungi Blitz team.

With the website under construction, CCC would like to hear from locals via email or the phone details below.

“We also have Platypus Watch Capricornia to launch and also want to share news about our upcoming Central Queensland Climate Change Symposium.”

Ms Rowston said Facebook usually offered the CCC good reach to the public spread across Central Queensland.

“COVID-19 made our role in the community difficult, and now the shutting of our social media will be a huge impact on our ability to function as a regional community group,” she said.

Facebook continues to earn more than $2.5 million per day from paid digital advertising while depriving Australians of news and access to hundreds of charity and advocacy websites, according to an analysis by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology.

  • Capricorn Conservation Council is located at Haigh Park, Wandal.
  • Email ccc@cccqld.org.au
  • Website www.cccqld.org.au
  • Phone 0437 420 496

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