Changes to Facebook is affecting BOM, Queensland Health etc
Changes to Facebook is affecting BOM, Queensland Health etc

Facebook crisis: See which CQ sites were shut down today

UPDATE 12.30pm

The 25th anniversary of its first rescue, today should be a celebration for the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter Service.

It should be an opportunity to reflect on the monumental support shown by the Central Queensland community since the inception of the Service.

However, the Service has lost its crucial link to the public in the wake of this morning’s Facebook bans.

“The ripple effect has too been felt by not-for-profit organisations, including RACQ Capricorn Rescue as the social media platform shuts down all not-for-profits pages in the process,” a spokesperson said.

”(As we rely) on these channels of publication to inform the community and ask for support on community events and fundraising initiatives, the closure of the Service’s Facebook page is detrimental to the organisation.”

The RACQ Capricorn Rescue is in communication with the Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry.


Central Queensland residents are struggling to comprehend the seemingly arbitrary decision by Facebook to shut down an enormous number of sites.

Queensland Health’s page has been shut down in the middle of a pandemic, and also the Bureau of Meteorology.

‘This is nuts’ as Facebook wipes Qld Health, BOM, TransLink

Closer to home, it is not only the media sites – Morning Bulletin, CQ Today, 7News CQ, 9 News CQ and ABC Capricornia – which have been wiped out.

The region’s tourism advocate, Capricorn Enterprise, is down as well as the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service page.

It is bad timing for the rescue service which was planning celebrations today for the 25th anniversary of its first rescue.

The Morning Bulletin has checked local tourist sites such as The Capricorn Caves and Koorana Crocodile Farm, which are unaffected as yet.

Schools and sports club sites also seem to be intact.

If your business or enterprise has also been impacted, please let us know by emailing

Nation-wide, there are reports coming in that Facebook has shut down such pages as the Gardening Australia TV and the Harvey Norman retailer.

“This is nuts,” Treasurer Cameron Dick said.

“Queenslanders need access to accurate and trustworthy sources for health information.”

The Morning Bulletin will be updating this story throughout this extraordinary day.

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