Fair milk mark proposal likely to be dumped

A LAW to create a "fair milk mark" for Queensland dairy farmers is likely to be knocked on the head, after Katter Australian Party's plan was recommended for dumping after being considered by committee.

Agriculture, Resources and Environment committee chair and LNP member Ian Rickuss said KAP's Shane Knuth's bill was unclear, subjective and could be introduced by the industry itself.

The goal was to create a "voluntary market mechanism", which would have a "fair milk" label put on milk that was being sold at a price that allowed dairy farmers to benefit.

Mr Rickuss said branded milk had now clawed back the sales it had before Coles introduced its $1 per litre scheme.

"This is showing that the industry is maturing and the customer base wants good milk products, fresh and local," he said.

"The bill should not be passed as there is no legislative requirement to do so to establish the Fair Milk Mark."