Logan Whitfield is representing Queensland in Adelaide this week.
Logan Whitfield is representing Queensland in Adelaide this week.

Falcons star represents in state comp

CRICKET: Frenchville Falcons’ Logan Whitfield is only 19 but is already blitzing the higher representative game – with Queensland Country putting their support behind the Rockhampton spin bowler with selection in the Queensland Country Under 21s side.

On Sunday morning, Whitfield headed down to Adelaide, as part of a tour where he will play a two day game and two 20/20s.

“The two day game is something different because I’m a spin bowler, so hopefully I will bowl lots of overs,” he said.

“I’m really excited for the day two match. I played a couple when I was back in school but since I’ve been playing in Rockhampton, I’ve only been playing 40 overs.

“I’m used to the shorter stuff.

“It’s a tour of Adelaide, versing a couple of teams across Adelaide.

“We will play on pretty good fields, and play players representing Queensland Country and around Queensland.”

Whitfield was selected for the squad after he played for North Queensland in the NQ v South Queensland Opens before Christmas.

Whitfield joined his local team, Frenchville Falcons, in round 15 of the Frenchville Sports Club Capricorn Challenge on the weekend, taking out a win over Gladstone’s The Glen.

“It’s been good to prepare (for Queensland Country),” he said.

“It was good to play in a charity game 20/20 before the Australia Day weekend.”

Last year, Whitfield headed to New Zealand for the Qld Country comp, but hopes this year, the wet weather will stay away.