Firefighter Jonathon Farmer.
Firefighter Jonathon Farmer. Allan Reinikka ROK101018afightfi

Fallen firefighters honoured at Remembrance Day service

REMEMBERING the lives and sacrifices made by those that came before him is a humbling part of the job for junior firefighter Jonathan Farmer.

That is why Firefighters Day of Remembrance is such an important day for him and other firefighters and emergency services personnel.

Gathering at the North Rockhampton Fire and Rescue Station yesterday, local firefighters honoured their fallen comrades in a ceremony dedicated to the sacrifices they made in the line of duty.

"It's just a sense of pride," Mr Farmer said.

"To remember those who have gone before me and given their lives for the job I love and making the ultimate sacrifice to save those in need.


Firefighter Remembrance Day: Firefighter Remembrance Day

"Days like today bring it home and really make you aware that there have been people before you that have lost their lives and it really reinforces the safety principles and making sure you take care of yourself and your fellow crew members."

As the most junior firefighter, the responsibility of reading the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Honour Roll, containing the names of his 52 fallen comrades, fell to Mr Farmer.

"It's a way of the newest person on the job paying their respects to all those who have come before them and this year it was my honour," he said.


Firefighter Remembrance Day.
REFLECTIONS: Firefighters remembered their 52 fallen comrades. Allan Reinikka ROK101018afightfi

"I and very proud to have been able to do that."

Firefighter Remembrance Day, which takes place on the tenth day of the tenth month at 10am, gives the nation an opportunity to recognise the dedication of firefighters and the sacrifices they make to protect the population.