Gary Moore, uncle of stab victim Jake Steere, speaks to media on Thursday
Gary Moore, uncle of stab victim Jake Steere, speaks to media on Thursday Lyla Schmidt

Family seeks justice for Jake after stabbing

JAKE Steere's uncle Gary Moore travelled from Brisbane to Rockhampton to ensure his nephew's attackers are brought to justice.

Yesterday morning, he said the police were provided with names and locations of the alleged attackers and it was time for them to either come forward or get arrested.

Police yesterday charged a 19-year-old man with grievous bodily harm, but Mr Moore said there were four other people involved who should contact police.

Gracemere teen charged over Rockhampton stabbing

He said Jake,, 20, knew his attackers, who had allegedly been harassing him for weeks after he broke off a relationship.

"It gets to a point when you think enough is enough. How much inaction do we have to wait for?" he said.


Stabbing victim Jake Steere in Rockhampton Hospital on June 20.
Stabbing victim Jake Steere in Rockhampton Hospital on Thursday, June 20. Contributed

Mr Moore said Jake's parents were distraught.

He revealed Jake had called his father while trying to flee attackers.

His father arrived within a matter of minutes after the attack, finding his son bleeding significantly in his ute, according to Mr Moore.

"His father got there just as they (the attackers) fled but he couldn't do anything but stem the bleeding," he said.

Jake was stopped at the traffic lights in Allenstown when he was initially approached by his attackers, according to his uncle.

He said they laid into the vehicle with golf clubs and that Jake attempted to flee the attackers before he was boxed in by two utes at the intersection on Jessie St.

"A goldish car pulled up in front of him and the other one slammed in behind him," he said.


Assault that occurred today in Spencer Street.
Police forensic team inspect a vehicle following the attack on Jake Steere. Allan Reinikka ROK180619aassault

Jake underwent five hours of life-saving surgery after he was stabbed.

His family are now calling on the police to get justice for their "big hearted, gentle giant who just wanted to finish his apprenticeship and play football" - a sport he won't play again according to Mr Moore.

Jake remains in a serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Rockhampton Hospital.