House damaged by falling tree on Elphinstone St.
House damaged by falling tree on Elphinstone St. Allan Reinikka ROK051218aafterst

Family suffers extensive damage during yesterday's storm

"WE THOUGHT we had been hit by lightning.”

These were the words used to describe yesterday afternoon's ferocious storm that savaged Rockhampton and left one Berserker family with a tree down on their patio, lounge, kitchen and dining area.

The Hamilton family arrived home this morning on Elphinstone St to look at the carnage left by the storm after being put up for the night by their insurance company.

This was the first time time home owner Dian Hamilton's husband had seen the damage.

"It was really scary. It was quite an intense storm,” Mrs Hamilton said.

"We didn't know the tree had fallen. The storm was so loud, there were so many noises and so much thunder, it camouflaged it.”

Mrs Hamilton was home with her two sons when the storm hit. The family moved to the other end of the house, away from the towering trees, in preparation for the worst.

"They are big trees and in a lot of wind we keep away from them,” she said.

"We have always known it could happen, but never thought it would.”

Mrs Hamilton said they had two smaller trees fall during Tropical Cyclone Marcia in 2015, but it was nothing compared to what they faced during yesterday afternoon's storm.

"There was water pouring in through the ceiling,” she said.

"There is a crack inside through the kitchen and the ceiling fell in.

"All of our friends and family have reached out and messaged us.”

It is estimated Berserker received more than 105mm of rain in 30 minutes and wind gusts of up to 78km.

While neighbouring homes seem to have escaped the carnage, there is no question residents have a long week of clean up ahead.