A poultry abattoir to process squab has been proposed for a Ridgelands property.
A poultry abattoir to process squab has been proposed for a Ridgelands property.

CQ farmer to diversify business with poultry abattoir

A POULTRY abattoir to kill a maximum of 100 squab per hour has been proposed for a 20 hectare property west of Rockhampton.

The development is for an abattoir for small poultry meat for human consumption, specifically quails and pigeons, at 56 Emmert Lane, Ridgelands.

The application excludes the processing of chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl or turkeys.

Squab are young pigeons and are popular in Asian cuisine.

The birds need to be younger than six weeks for the most tender meat.

The application states the abattoir would be a good way for a landholder with small acreage to make a return.

A new 81sq m shed has been proposed with a storage area for the birds prior to the processing.

No breeding and extended storage of live animals will be undertaken.

The birds will likely be transported to site and slaughtered on the same day.

The abattoir is expected to operate from Monday to Saturday, 7am-6pm.

The birds would be stunned prior to slaughtering, slaughtering using a humane restraining funnel, scalding, plucking of feathers and then immersed in a cooling tank.

The birds would then have their organs removed and then washed and sterilised, meat is then graded, whole birds cryovacced and packed into boxes and transported from site.

All body parts would be composted onsite.

The abattoir shed is in the middle of the subject site to minimise noise impacts to the adjoining areas.

It is noted the shed will appear no different to any shed on any other rural property in the area.

The application was submitted to Rockhampton Regional Council by Capricorn Survey Group CQ at the end of last month and more information has been requested.