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Father banned from roads for driving 300 metres

A STAY-at-home father cannot get a licence until mid 2023 because he couldn't be bothered walking 300 metres.

Two-time disqualified driver Donald Robert Burgess has been warned - do it again and risk jail.

"What part of 'don't drive' don't you understand," Mackay Magistrate Damien Dwyer said.

Burgess knew he didn't have a licence when he drove to pick up his child from Nebo State School on February 11, despite living just 300 metres away.

In fact it had been disqualified by a court barely a month before because he was caught behind the wheel while on a one-month drink driving ban.

"(He) told police he wasn't feeling the best," Prosecutor Robert Beamish said.

Now that one month has become a four and a half year disqualification because the 39-year-old twice ignored court orders.

"You're not eligible to get your licence back until roughly July 2023," Magistrate Dwyer said taking away his licence for another 30 months.

Duty Lawyer Peter Clark, of Strutynski Law, said Burgess "just gave into temptation" on the day.

"He says that he had headaches, he had aches and pains... and he had to get his child from from school.

"(It was) a stupid decision your honour and he'd got no excuse for it."

The court heard Burgess relied on his parents to drive and they hadn't been around at the time.

"I say this 1000 times.... you prove that you're a competent driver and we'll give you the privilege of driving," Magistrate Dwyer said.

"You went to court and you were disqualified for one month and after that you basically said well you can stick your one month disqualification I'll do whatever I want.

"So you got caught again and you came back and you got two years and then you said well you can stick that as well."

Burgess pleaded guilty to disqualified driving and was also fined $1750.