Motorcyclists are being warned to stay away from local estate.
Motorcyclists are being warned to stay away from local estate. Rae Wilson

Fears vigilante residents will take on Rocky hoons

RESIDENTS of Rockhampton's Olive Estate are taking a stand against motorbike hoons who are disturbing the area's peace and quiet.

The fed up residents are "taking matters into their own hands" to deter the noisy rev-heads and make it clear they won't be tolerating the unwelcome visitors any longer.

Local resident and Livingstone Shire councillor Glenda Mather said the sound of motorbikes in family favourite park, Sarah's Garden, was "almost daily".

"Bike riders need to be aware that it is an offence to ride motorised vehicles in the park, which disturbs the residents, and the wildlife," Cr Mather said.

"This is a designated park, not a motor bike track.

"Offenders need to be forewarned."

Cr Mather said there was a $252 fine for riders that were caught, and she was "tracking down the culprits" before council stepped in.

"These riders don't consider the irritating noise they inflict on residents, who have had enough.

"Some of the residents are shift workers, and there's nothing worse than broken sleep - it can and does lead to confrontation, which I'm assured, is imminent if the noise continues.

"Nobody begrudges these riders the right to enjoy their sport, but they must have consideration for the local residents, and be mindful of their responsibility in respect to the laws governing such entertainment.

"I wish to caution them to do the right thing."