FERAL ANIMALS: Deer spotted on Lakes Creek road
FERAL ANIMALS: Deer spotted on Lakes Creek road Samantha Brill

Feral pigs, cats and deer under the spotlight

FERAL animals were a topic of urgent discussion at Tuesday's Rockhampton Regional Council meeting.

Councillor Ellen Smith raised the problem of wild pigs at Mount Archer, which she said have been causing issues for some time. It was reported in July 2018 they were causing considerable damage to Frenchville homes.

She also mentioned wild cats, as council local laws officers are unable to catch them.

She explained other councils have looked into ways to reduce the feral cats numbers with programs like bounties.

Cr Smith is hoping to speak with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services about ways the animals can be addressed.

Councillor Tony Williams also said wild deer around Nerimbera needed to be looked at.

Cr Williams spoke about the deer issue in last month's meeting, claiming the increasing feral deer population would cause a fatality on Lakes Creek Rd if it wasn't addressed.

Feral deer are a restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014.