FILTHY: A Cooloola Cove resident is fed up with constant waste dumping near Mullins Creek
FILTHY: A Cooloola Cove resident is fed up with constant waste dumping near Mullins Creek Contriubted

'Filthy' dumping a sore subject for Cooloola Cove resident

A CONCERNED Cooloola Cove resident has signalled her frustration with the Gympie Regional Council and their apparent lack of action to resolve continuous cases of illegal waste dumping near Mullins Creek.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted The Gympie Times after reading a story published on March 1 concerning Tin Can Bay resident Harold Turnbull and the two severely overgrown vacant lots neighbouring his residence.

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HAD ENOUGH: Tin Can Bay Resident is fed up with the state of two privately owned vacant lots neighbouring his home.
OVERGROWN: Harold Turnbull at one of the two privately owned vacant lots neighbouring his home, which have both since been mowed. Joshua Preston

The woman said she was "sick of contacting council, as I am sure they are sick of me contacting them."

"This is extremely concerning as the runoff goes into Mullins [Creek], then it goes into the Great Sandy Straits which leads to the Great Barrier Reef.

"We all know how important that is to everyone, except it seems the Gympie Regional Council.

"I have spoken to the Mayor's office on numerous occasions and I am assured that something will be done but they [say they] cannot close the road overnight, they cannot put cameras in, they cannot put a sign up to say it is illegal to dump rubbish in this area."

The woman said there was "much confusion" about the "current rubbish transfer station", and that relevant times are not sufficiently communicated to residents.

"I have seen rubbish dumped outside the gate from what was obviously a very frustrated rate payer," she said.

"In Cooloola Cove there are no signs anywhere to indicate that there is a transfer station anywhere.

"The Bulletin does not indicate clearly and easily where it is."


FILTHY: A Cooloola Cove resident is fed up with constant illegal waste dumping near Mullins Creek.
ABHORRENT: An example of the waste dumping at Mullins Creek, Cooloola Cove. Contriubted

A council spokeswoman said that while they couldn't respond to the specific situation due to the woman's anonymity request, all residents were encouraged to contact them with reports or queries.

"Should contact be made with Council via the 1300 number, each call is logged with the caller's details to follow up and notify the resident of the outcome," the spokeswoman said.

"Contact can also be made via email or on Council's Facebook page."

"As soon as Council is notified of any rubbish that may have been dumped, council staff will investigate and remove the rubbish as soon as possible.

"It is disappointing that waste is left in public areas, as this affects the whole community.

"Should any community member witness this happening, please call Council to report the issue.

"Should Council be able to identify those responsible, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection will follow up and may prosecute."


FILTHY: A Cooloola Cove resident is fed up with constant illegal waste dumping near Mullins Creek.
UNACCEPTABLE: Gympie Regional Council has warned of prosecution for those responsible. Contriubted

The spokeswoman said information on the Tin Can Bay waste management facility is readily available to all residents on council's website and the 'WasteWise' app.

"Leaflets were delivered to letterboxes in late 2017 to notify residents of the facility, hours and address.

"Hours are also listed on signage and leaflets at the facility.

"The facility also has directional signage from the main Gympie Road and Snapper Creek intersection.

"We would also encourage any resident to call council should they require further information on any of the Waste Management Facilities.

The spokeswoman said council will "continue to monitor the situation and encourage any resident to report dumping activity."