FOT FIRST: Clinton's Josh Noonan challenges for the ball against Cap Coast's Fergus Sansom.
FOT FIRST: Clinton's Josh Noonan challenges for the ball against Cap Coast's Fergus Sansom. Matt Taylor GLA220918DIV1

FINAL: Close game decides CQ Premier League champions

FOOTBALL:CAPRICORN Coast Football Club have missed out on a second consecutive Wesley Hall Cup win, after their Saturday night defeat by Clinton Grubs.

The CQ Premier League Division One grand final was undeniably one of the toughest matches of the season, with neither team scoring until one minute into the second phase of the 15-minute overtime.

The scoreboard was locked at 0-0 throughout the match at Gladstone's Clinton Oval, with both teams giving away chances and missing opportunities.

Clinton's Coach's Player of the Match, Liam Jones, broke the draw with the first and final goal of the night, bringing the final score to 1-0.

Cap Coast coach Shaun Janes said the final match was everything he thought it would be.

"[Clinton] were lucky to get one and we were unlucky not to get one,” he said.

"They played well on the night and we both threw everything at each other and they executed a great corner and got the winning goal.”

Janes said he had a great young line-up for the night with young midfielders Fergus Sansom and Nathan Norris defending perfectly and leading the squad.

"Congratulations to Clinton and it was well-deserved and hope they celebrate long and strong,” Janes said.

Notable mentions of the night included goal-keeper Ged Kelly who thwarted Clinton's captain Mitch Innocend's attempt to sink in a header goal.

Clinton returned defensive strength through glove-man Dan White after he stopped Cap Coast's Ben Cummins' attempt at a second half goal.

Clinton head coach Derek Horton applauded the efforts of Innocend and said despite the poor scoring, everyone worked hard on the night.

"I think we got over the top of them in the end and I thought I could see a goal coming and we just had to keep at it and we locked it in for long periods in the second half and in extra time,” Horton said.