Final insult after Abbie’s Bachelor dream ‘taken away’


HEARTBROKEN Bachelor beauty Abbie Chatfield said it's been difficult to move on from Matt Agnew after reliving their romantic moments on television.

The 23-year-old Brisbane property analyst was left heartbroken on the final episode of The Bachelor, which saw Agnew choose Chelsie McLeod instead of her.

"I was obviously really heartbroken, the whole experience was very difficult," Chatfield told Confidential.



Abbie Chatfield left heartbroken in The Bachelor season finale.
Abbie Chatfield left heartbroken in The Bachelor season finale.

"You have this future planned ahead, you've got all of these plans in place and all these ideas of what your life is going to be after the whole experience and then it's all kind of taken away from you."

Chatfield said she cried the whole 37 hour flight home from where the finale was filmed in South Africa.

"I haven't really been able to even begin to get over Matt when I have to watch my relationship with him, as well as press and media and constantly talking about him," she said.

"I still have feelings for Matt and I still get quite upset when I think about him and think about what we had."

Chatfield, who has copped online trolling and hate messages during this season of The Bachelor due to her sexual chemistry with Agnew, said the negativity has made it even harder to deal with her heartbreak.

"The hardest thing I guess was just whenever throughout the whole thing people were saying that my feelings weren't real, and there I am crying myself to sleep, uploading photos of him and seeing photos of him and trying to think of captions that don't give anything away," she said.

"It's been really difficult because it's going through heartbreak plus getting bullied online, plus all the articles and speculation about me."

While she said the idea of people cheering for her heartbreak was upsetting, she was happy for the finale to be revealed so she didn't have to keep pretending and could start to move on from Matt.