FIREFIGHTERS and paramedics across Queensland have joined the state's public service in the fight against the State Government's increasingly unpopular cost-cutting regime.

In another show of defiance against the LNP, hundreds of paramedics, firefighters and unions members marched through the streets of Brisbane on Tuesday.

The emotional group surrounded the entry to Parliament House where they condemned the government's latest pay conditions offer.

Firefighters claim the offer is current conditions simply reheated and are unhappy with a plan to place less-experienced auxiliary firefighters in roster gaps at busy metropolitan stations.

United Fire Fighters Union state secretary John Oliver said the government also wanted firefighters to attend training for their positions in their own time, unpaid.

But that was a situation he vowed the service would never return too.

Two pairs of boots were thrown over the parliamentary fence as emergency service workers cheered on.

Michael Freeman, a Queensland paramedic and United Voice union delegate, read out a colleague's speech to the crowd and described the blood, excrement, faeces and car crash scenes the paramedic boots had walked through.

"These boots can do things that others can not," he said.

"(Premier Campbell) Newman, you don't know what it is like to walk in these boots.

"Until you have a pair of these boots, you cannot realise their true worth."

Labor MPs were seen among the rally crowd while most LNP members chose to stay inside where Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said the protestors were wasting their time.

"If it's about the steps the government is taking to solve the terrible financial situation that we've been left then the tough decisions we're going to have to make are not going to be influenced by a group of people making a noise outside the gates," he said.

Another rally is planned for Brisbane on September 12.