Ben Crew with a very nice grassy sweetlip
Ben Crew with a very nice grassy sweetlip

FISHING FRIDAY: Fitzroy full of King Salmon towards town

THE CREEKS and estuaries usually have plenty to report and the islands aren’t far behind at present.

The Fitzroy River has king salmon almost continually up towards town and the rest of the river has flathead, blue salmon and bream.

Some small grunter have started to make another appearance in the stretch down from Pirates Point.

When the wind is supposed to come from a westerly direction, the River could be quite a good option.

Coorooman Creek is a reasonable choice for the Emu Park crew. Whiting, flathead, bream and salmon are all caught somewhere in the creek.

I hear a lot of talk about Coorooman and how it is often called “Starvation Creek” because of the fish they can’t find.

My suggestions are to watch your sounder for structures and drop offs, use live, fresh or quality frozen bait, talk to local bait and tackle shops and work the tides.

Target one or two species that are feeding at the moment and fish the places they feed. Coorooman Creek can turn on and off but as a rule it is quite a decent spot.

Corio Bay has all the general species.

Scott Lynch with a winter barra caught locally.
Scott Lynch with a winter barra caught locally.

Bream, whiting, flathead, salmon and flathead.

The beaches heading north to Farnborough and Sandy Point have whiting, dart and flathead around the gutters and features like Bluff Rocks and Wreck point can often hold a swag of keepers.

The other beaches such as Mulambin and Kinka could be a chance on the run in for a whiting.

Yabbies and beachworms are the pick of baits, pump your own yabbies or you can get worms from any bait shop.

Flathead quantities just keep rising as we near their spawning periods.

They have begun congregating already near the creek mouths and the entrances to the bays. Reports have been saying they are releasing quite a few big females along the deeper channel edges and rocky points.

The smaller fish, mostly males, were coming right up into the very shallow bays feeding on the little greenback herrings.

Brendan Murphy with a fine bream.
Brendan Murphy with a fine bream.

Plastics, hard bodies and Flashas are proving they work as well as baits or better sometimes.

This last trip wide, I caught a dark tailed sea perch.

This particular fish looks almost like the Lutjanids all mixed into one.

I could not find it in Grant’s bible so I put out the word on social media.

In the end a couple of very good local fisherman told me that this fish is on the Fisheries website where it was clearly identified.

I kept the fish because I knew it wasn’t one of the banned poisonous species, but it pays for anyone to identify their fish before keeping it if they are unsure.

Thanks to The Secret Spot, Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, Cooee Bay Marine and Kalka Bait and Tackle, the locals who not only support the fishing column but also the fishing and boating community across the whole of CQ.

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